CableBike - BiciCable
CableBike - BiciCable

Launching pad and two ready takers

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CableBike - BiciCable
CableBike - BiciCable

With all the safety gear on, the fun begins

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CableBike - BiciCable
CableBike - BiciCable

A guide fits the safety harness to an intrepid visitor

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CableBike - BiciCable
CableBike - BiciCable

Launching pad and two ready takers

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The CableBike,

                    Pure Adrenaline


The CableBike crosses the valley of San Buenaventura from the oak forest overlooking the lake and volcanoes to the rock wall on the other side of the valley.


Ride your bike suspended in the air, hesitating between enjoying the scenery or focusing on the goal. Cycling over the coffee plantation and forest is an experience to be shared.


CableBike: Q150

• Price includes all the Reserve's attractions: Butterflies Geodome, nature trails, hanging bridges, children's play grounds, private lake shore, Visitor Center.​

Safety First

Although this is an extreme activity, CableBikes are particularly safe. You wear a harness independently hooked to the cable above. Our guides receive training in safety, rescue and first aid. Our equipment (harnesses, straps, pulleys, etc.) is certified in Europe and the USA. The design and construction of the cables conform to international safety standards and have been tested with loads that give a wide safety margin. 

Our First

- and before starting -

Classic Tour

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The Atitlan Nature Reserve's CableBike crosses the valley, over the coffee plantation forest, the monkey enclosure and arriving at the platform on the rocky outcrop of the mountain.

* We have 3 CableBikes

* Tours leave every 15 minutes from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm.

* Make your reservation and 

* Please arrive 30 minutes early to prepare and receive instructions 


  • Number of cables: 2 per CableBike

  • Length round trip: 500 m  

  • Cable length: 250 m

  • Maximum height of the CableBike 18 m  

  • Duration of the tour: 15 minutes

  • Length of the path to the BiciCable: 240 m

  • Vertical ascent on the trail 35 m 

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Preguntas más frecuentes / FAQ

¿Es seguro? / It it safe?

Si, siempre y cuando: - siga nuestras instrucciones de seguridad - usted lleva un arnes unido a una polea en el cable superior. Es decir, usted no se puede caer de la bicicleta. - nuestros equipos están certificados en EEUU y UE y, al igual que nuestras instalaciones, tienen un mantenimiento constante. Bring it on! Yes! As long as you: - follow our safety procedures - you wear a harness attached to a pulley on the cable above. That is, you cannot fall off the bike. - Our equipment is certified in the USA and EU and, like our facilities, is constantly maintained.

¿Qué debo llevar puesto? / What should I wear?

Ropa casual y zapatos cómodos. No usar sandalias.

Casual clothing and comfortable shoes. Don't wear sandals or flip-flops.

¿Hay restricciones de edad? / Are there any age restrictions?

Si, la edad mínima es la que uno tenga cuando aprende a montar en bici. La edad máxima es la que uno tenga cuando todavía pueda montar en bici.
Pero lo que cuenta es que tenga 1.20 m de altura.

Yes, the minimum age is the one you have when you learn to ride a bike. The maximum age is the age one has when one can still ride a bike.
But what counts is that your height is at least 1.20 m (4 ft.).

¿Qué tan largo es el camino para el BiciCable? / How long is the trail to reach the BikeCable?

El sendero mide menos de 200 m y tien un ascenso de 30 metros. La subida es gradual, normalmente tarde 5 minutos.

The gradual climb takes about 5 minutes. The trail is less than 200 m (656 ft) long and has a vertical ascent of 30 m (98 ft).

¿Qué se ve en el camino al BiciCables? / What do you see on the way to the CableBike?

Se pasa por el cafetal, la plataforma de los monos y un puente colgante y el bosque de encinos.
You pass through the coffee plantation, the monkey platform and a suspension bridge and the oak forest.

¿Que se ve desde el BiciCable? / What can you see from the CableBike?

Si la adrenalina le permite, se ve el cafetal, la catarata y, a lo lejos, el lago y los volcanes. Para algunos al comienzo es más fácil enfocarse en la meta y no mirar para abajo.
If adrenaline allows, you can see the coffee plantation, the waterfall and, in the distance, the lake and the volcanoes. For some it might be easier at the beginning to look forward and not look down.

¿Da miedo? / It is scary?

De eso se trata. La cosa es que a pesar del miedo se atreva a hacerlo. Nuestros guías se encargan de su seguridad y usted de disfrutarlo. That's what it's all about. The thing is that in spite of the fear, you dares to do it.
Our guides take care of your safety and you enjoy it.