The Nature Reserve is a gateway to the magnificent nature of Lake Atitlan

No pets allowed in the Reserve. Thanks

The Atitlan Nature Reserve is both a must for visitors of Lake Atitlan and a force in the environmental cause: Atitlán Azul. It is an extraordinary gate to the magnificent Lake Atitlán and its spectacular volcanoes.

The Reserve’s zip lines, butterfly preserve, trails, hanging bridges and lodgings bring you in close contact with nature. On the zip lines, you fly above waterfalls, coffee groves, oak stands and the steep cliffs that guard the lake. Some trails are ancient, many bridges unexpected, and everywhere you hear the sounds of water, birds, and the wind.


At the Butterfly Geodome you enjoy the colors and forms of hundreds of butterflies surrounded by flowers and the sounds of water. Humming birds and the murmur of the river accompany you while you have lunch, coffee or a drink. At night, the crickets, owls and the sounds of the night will be your company in our lodging.

And you can begin to get to know the diversity and cultural richness of Sololá with greetings, goodbyes and key phrases in the Kakchiquel language spoken by 96% of the area's inhabitants.

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Puente colgante en medio del bosque frente a la catarata de la Reserva Natural Atitlán.

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Gente participando en una competencia para diseñar y navegar balsas con neumáticos, cuerdas y tablas en la playa de la Reserva Natural Atitlán.

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Vista de los volcanes de Atitlán y Tolimán desde uno de los miradores de la Reserva Natural Atitlán.



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